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Hidden service menu

There is a hidden service menu in Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 smartphones. It can be accessed in Flip closed mode on the main screen (so called "Activity menu") or using the virtual phone keypad in Phone application. In emergency (e.g. when you need to reformat the phone) the engineering menu can also be accessed on the "Enter PIN" screen after turning the phone on.

To activate the hidden menu close the flip or use the virtual keypad and enter the following combination:

jog dial up * jog dial down jog dial down * jog dial down *

The Service information screen contains following options: Service information, Service tests and Format internal disk.

Service information menu displays information about phone model, software (firmware) versions, IMEI number of the device, information about sim-locks and a list of supported GSM/UMTS bands and speech codec rates.

Service tests section lets you test various hardware components of your device, including speakers, microphone, keyboard, camera, touch screen, vibrator, memory card and more.

The "Format internal disk" function lets you fully format the internal storage memory of your phone. This is useful if you want to get rid of all your data (e.g. when you're going to sell the phone) or if you are experiencing problems with the device.

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