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UIQ 2.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (150)
Games and Entertainment (404)
Multimedia & Graphics (77)
Security & Encryption (33)
Internet (81)
Emulation (20)
Mobile services (4)
Programming, Development (28)
Finance & Business (35)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (18)
Home (4)
PC Programs (18)
Database Management (10)
Learning & Dictionaries (40)
Document Editors/Readers (27)
Food & Drinks (16)
Religion (15)
Diaries & Journals (2)
Health & Medicine (23)
Banking (2)
Anti-Virus (3)
Calculators & Math tools (33)
Localisations (12)
Time (31)
Runtimes (1)
Astronomy (4)
Agenda (11)
UI customization (9)
Car (14)
Professional tools (2)
Software bundles (4)
Contacts Management (12)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Skins (6)
Drivers (2)
Other (4)
Books, Guides (2)
Astrology (2)
Benchmarks (2)

Total: 1215 programs
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Symbian OS UIQ 2.x software
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Application(s) found for "Soft ":

Mastersoft Games/Apps MegaPack by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Software bundles)
Save over 70% (~ $100) compared to when bought separately! A collection of award winning applications and addictive games. Over 20 different games/applications in total! Christmas and New Year special available for a limited time ... including People's Ch...
User rating: 40%  (4 votes)    2 comments

80s Arcade Classics by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Games and Entertainment)
Relive the halcyon days of the 80s with these seven arcade inspired classics for your Sony P800/P900 from Award Winning Mastersoft Mobile Solutions. Featuring lousy graphics, tacky gameplay and squeaky sounds, the 80s Arcade Classics Games Pack reproduces...

Crosswords by Simsoft Mobile (Games and Entertainment)
Download and solve an unlimited number of crossword puzzles on your P800/P900. Compatible with the .puz crossword format (15 x 15 square puzzles). Download new free and subscription puzzles from, for example, LA Times, New York Times and USA Today. 10...
User rating: 80%  (3 votes)

SendSMS by Simsoft Mobile (Miscellaneous Utilities)
SMS program that uses Clickatell to send SMS text messages. Low cost messaging. Deal direct with the gateway. Messages from Euro 0.04 $0.05 0.03. Location independent - great for avoiding high costs when roaming abroad. Very very low GSM/GPRS data usa...
User rating: 50%  (9 votes)

UniConvert by Simsoft Mobile (Calculators & Math tools)
Allows you to quickly and easily convert between quantities. Pick from one of the hundreds of built in conversions or create your own. Creating your own conversions opens up the possibility of using the converter for specialist applications at work or f...
User rating: 20%  (4 votes)

UKTelCodes by Simsoft Mobile (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Find all places for a given STD code or all STD codes for a given town. Copy results to the clipboard for use in other programs. ...
User rating: 50%  (1 votes)

TapeCalc by Simsoft Mobile (Calculators & Math tools)
Expression based scientific calculator with history 'tape'. Top of the display shows the current expression. The lower display shows the calculation history. Maintains previous calculation in case you wish to edit it. Operations: + - * / ^ sin() cos()...
User rating: 100%  (1 votes)

Dictionary by Simsoft Mobile (Learning & Dictionaries)
Based on Websters dictionary Indexed to find words fast Includes parts of speech (noun, verb etc) Gives alternatives (similar words) if a word is not found, allowing use as a stand alone spell checker Copy definitions to the clipboard for use in other...
User rating: 60%  (5 votes)

Secrets by Simsoft Mobile (Security & Encryption)
Manage all your sensitive information in one place via one master PIN. Free format entries - secure any textual information of arbitrary format and length. Example uses include securing your credit card details, ATM passwords, Webmail logins, work PC lo...
User rating: 30%  (1 votes)

Word Translator by Simsoft Mobile (Learning & Dictionaries)
Bilingual word translator. Great for use when traveling or learning a foreign language, with many thousand words. Suggests words when your word is not found, for example when you have spelt a word incorrectly. Several language versions are availabl...
User rating: 60%  (4 votes)

S&W Arabic Notes by Soft & Wireless (Document Editors/Readers)
Arabic Notes, a simple, yet, very useful application to write notes in Arabic, keep them for reference, edit them when required, delete them when done with them, protect them from curious people, and send them as SMS to your friends and contacts. ...
User rating: 50%  (15 votes)    1 comments

Sahih Al-Bukhari by Soft & Wireless (Localisations)
Sahih Al-Bukhari V1.0 is the complete work of Al-Bukhari in electronic format, indexed by "Books" and "Sections", with search, and cross referencing facilities. ...
User rating: 80%  (13 votes)    2 comments

S&W Al-Quran Viewer & Search by Soft & Wireless (Religion)
S&W Al-Quran Viewer & Search for the P800 shows a list of each 'Sura' and allows viewing of that complete 'Sura' in Arabic. The entire 'Al-Quran AlKareem' Search Letters, one complete Word or multiple words Search list displays a list of each ...
User rating: 40%  (132 votes)    2 comments

Mastersoft Casino by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Games and Entertainment)
Experience the casino on your Sony P800 with this collection of cool casino games. Featuring real prizes, sampled casino sound effects and realistic gameplay (including a daily withdrawal limit so go easy). ...
User rating: 80%  (39 votes)    2 comments

Puctura by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Games and Entertainment)
Guide the Puc through increasingly different levels in this strategy / action adventure game. Collect the fruit, destroy the nasties, and run for your life. Features: * Multiple levels. * A few blurps, bloops and blips. * At least 16 colors ... ...
User rating: 60%  (39 votes)

S&W SMS Tones++ by Soft & Wireless (Miscellaneous Utilities)
S&W SMS Tones++ is the ideal solution for P800 users that want an individual tone/alert sound for Contacts when an SMS arrives. As you need to set your phone SMS alert to Silent, SMS Tones++ allows you to configure a default notification for non-set conta...
User rating: 80%  (21 votes)    2 comments

S&W SMS Scheduler by Soft & Wireless (Miscellaneous Utilities)
S&W SMS Scheduler allows you to schedule your SMS to one or more contacts. S&W SMS Scheduler comes built in with Template management and with its own Schedule Database. Create Scheduled SMS messages and the application delivers them on time. S&W S...
User rating: 70%  (17 votes)    1 comments

Mastersoft Photo Album by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Multimedia & Graphics)
Photo Album from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is a cool little utility for turning your collection of photos into a desktop clock / photo viewer. Simply select the location where your photos are stored then watch as your photos are displayed one by one. Th...
User rating: 50%  (20 votes)

Stop Smoking by Soft Magic (Health & Medicine)
Stop Smoking for the P800 helps users to quit smoking by first recording their smoke patterns and then building a gradual withdrawal program. How does it work? Stage 1: For the first 7 days, users will continue their normal smoking patterns which w...
User rating: 50%  (15 votes)

Scientific Calculator by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Calculators & Math tools)
Scientific Calculator is a multi function calculator for your Sony Ericsson P800. Mastersoft will be adding new features based upon feedback and all updates will be free. ...
User rating: 60%  (30 votes)

S&W Arabic-English Dictionary by Soft & Wireless (Learning & Dictionaries)
P800 Arabic-English and English-Arabic word translator with more than 97,000 words. An easy and simple to use interface allows the user to type a word either in English or in Arabic and get an immediate list of matching word(s). Features Simple,...
User rating: 70%  (72 votes)    3 comments

S&W 21 by Soft & Wireless (Games and Entertainment)
The standard Card game 21. Uses Application database to keep track of your winnings, loses, number of games played, won, lost and the total number of 21's for both the player and the dealer. Database can be reset to start over. Double is allowed for 9,10,...
User rating: 40%  (7 votes)

S&W SMS Folder Manager by Soft & Wireless (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Now you can have personalized message folders in your SE P800. Create your own SMS folders and start managing your messages easily, quickly, and if desired automatically.S&W SMS Folder Manager allows you to Manage & Organize your P800 SMS Messages with gr...
User rating: 70%  (104 votes)    10 comments

S&W Prayer Time & Alarm by Soft & Wireless (Religion)
The Prayer Time application is targeting the P800 Phone market. It allows the mobile holder to view in any city the five Muslim prayer times on the current day. The user can change their home city or view any city by going to "Choose City". Automatically ...
User rating: 40%  (180 votes)    3 comments

S&W ArabicSMS by Soft & Wireless (Localisations)
P800 mobiles are currently being shipped and released without Arabic support at all. This separate application allows viewing of the standard phone Inbox, Outbox, Draft & Sent folders and shows any Arabic letters sent or received. It can also be used of c...
User rating: 70%  (80 votes)

Professional Power Pack by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Finance & Business)
The Professional Power Pack from Award Winning Mastersoft Mobile Solutions comprises three powerful applications as detailed below. These are also available separately. By purchasing this pack you are saving almost 20 USD. Mastersoft Money: Mastersoft...
Freeware!    User rating: 70%  (34 votes)

Mastersoft Money by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Finance & Business)
Mastersoft Money for Sony Ericsson P800 is an all in one self contained personal finance manager based upon original award winning Mastersoft Money (PoQuick). It is a complete replacement for your desktop financial package and does not require the use of ...
User rating: 80%  (125 votes)    5 comments

EasyLoan by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Finance & Business)
EasyLoan by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is a visual loan analyser. Just enter 3 out of the four required variables and EasyLoan analyses the results. Results are displayed in table, graph and chart form. ...
User rating: 70%  (17 votes)

My Last Cigarette by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Health & Medicine)
Quit smoking today with new My Last Cigarette Extra Strength for SonyEricsson P800 from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions. Simply enter your personal details and watch how your statistics are updated in real time, every second. My Last Cigarette is proven havin...
User rating: 80%  (20 votes)

Billable Buddy by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Finance & Business)
Manage Billable time the easy way with Billable Buddy, an award winning easy to use billable time manager. Simply click a button to turn a task on or off and the inbuilt timer starts calculating the amount to be billed (if any) for that task. All button l...
User rating: 60%  (22 votes)

Games Pack 1 by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions (Games and Entertainment)
Relive your youth with these 5 addictive puzzle games from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions. This pack contains: Blocks Dots Mines Othello Tiles Written in Visual Basic (AppForge MobileVB) - require AppForge Booster....
User rating: 60%  (31 votes)

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