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Symbian Software for UIQ 2.x smartphones: Symbian OS Applications and Games
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UIQ 2.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (150)
Games and Entertainment (404)
Multimedia & Graphics (77)
Security & Encryption (33)
Internet (81)
Emulation (20)
Mobile services (4)
Programming, Development (28)
Finance & Business (35)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (18)
Home (4)
PC Programs (18)
Database Management (10)
Learning & Dictionaries (40)
Document Editors/Readers (27)
Food & Drinks (16)
Religion (15)
Diaries & Journals (2)
Health & Medicine (23)
Banking (2)
Anti-Virus (3)
Calculators & Math tools (33)
Localisations (12)
Time (31)
Runtimes (1)
Astronomy (4)
Agenda (11)
UI customization (9)
Car (14)
Professional tools (2)
Software bundles (4)
Contacts Management (12)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Skins (6)
Drivers (2)
Other (4)
Books, Guides (2)
Astrology (2)
Benchmarks (2)

Total: 1215 programs
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Latest Symbian UIQ 2.x software
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LCG Jukebox by Lonely Cat GamesMultimedia & Graphics 
LCG Jukebox is a music player for mobile devices, that is designed to suit all your music listening desires. It has excellent sound quality, comfortable playlist management, easy music selection, equalizer and more. Additionally it can find album...
User rating: 50%  (2 votes)   1 comments

Tilelander by LudimateGames and Entertainment 
Tilelander is a game that can be played as a puzzle or as an action game - it's up to you whether to play in a relaxed mood or with a furious attitude. Save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling tile areas and using special ite...
User rating: 90%  (1 votes)   1 comments

Solitaire Classic by FilaoGames and Entertainment 
Play the best Solitaire card games with Solitaire Classic. The program includes the famous Solitaire games like Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Aces High, and more. Enjoy stunning colour graphics, unparalleled ease of use and practical features like hint func...


SmartCom Navigator by Wild MobileMaps / Navigation / GPS 
SmartCom Navigator is an easy to use software with a user friendly interface supporting all necessary functions that will turn your smartphone into a powerful navigation system. You can also use SmartCom Navigator without GPS-receiver as a map browsing to...
User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   

Lock n Load 2 by SynergenixGames and Entertainment 
Lock 'n Load 2 pushes the mobile hardware to its limits and overshadows all mobile 3D first-person shooter ever seen. Survive through over 10 thrilling levels with multiple floors in single player mode or invite your friends to intense multiplayer session...
User rating: 50%  (6 votes)   3 comments

SMS Diary by Ola MelÚnMiscellaneous Utilities 
SMS Diary reads all your SMS messages in your phone (but does not delete them, of course) and creates a diary out of them. The diary that will be created consists of two web pages; one page with a table of contents and statistics (statistics on how many m...

TABU by Space Software StudioGames and Entertainment 
TABU (The Anti-Boredom Union) is a simple application for UIQ3 phones, in which a series of cute, little sprites pop up on the screen. The author invites all pixel artists to donate nice little animations to the program. The application only works when th...

Swiss Manager Pro by CellPhoneSoftMiscellaneous Utilities 
Swiss Manager Pro is a composite system utility for UIQ. It provides task manager, file manager and system information services, giving you more access to and more knowledge about your phone. An essential addition to your UIQ device! Major featur...
User rating: 50%  (4 votes)   1 comments

Raging Thunder by FilaoGames and Entertainment 
Take control of one of the three racing cars of Raging Thunder and feel power and adrenalin in your blood. Drive at top speed on a variety of tracks set in different beautifully realized environments.Be good and upgrade your car, unlock racing circuits an...
User rating: 60%  (5 votes)   1 comments

I Hate Guns! by Fun and MobileGames and Entertainment 
New platform adventure, full of action, karate fights, traps coming out of nowhere, deadly desert animals and other surprises to face. You can use several different tactics, including combo attacks, which will help you beat even large number of aggresive ...
User rating: 100%  (2 votes)   

Pixy by Space Software StudioMultimedia & Graphics 
Pixy is a work in progress, in an early stage right now. The aim is to develop a pixel drawing program for the UIQ platform, so graphics artists can draw whenever they like, even if they are waiting for a bus, or are on a long trip. Pixy is pixel/sprite...
Freeware!    User rating: 30%  (3 votes)   3 comments

Dreamway by Mobile StreamGames and Entertainment 
Dreamway, a well-known arcade for Palm, Pocket PC and MS Smartphones, is now available for Symbian UIQ 2.x devices. It is a top-view racing game with cartoony graphics, console look and feel. Come take an exciting mid-world adventure for true challenge se...


S-Tris 2 by Elements InteractiveGames and Entertainment 
S-Tris 2 is based on the famous Tetris concept and is the follow-up of popular S-Tris game. This game comes as a demonstration of Elements Interactive in-house developed game engine Edge and is completely free. Features: Addictive gameplay Nor...
Freeware!    User rating: 50%  (2 votes)   

MegaPool by Megasoft2000Games and Entertainment 
Play Pool and Pyramid against an artificial intelligence. High-class movement algorithm and balls collision realization based on mathematical equations and solid-state physics principles will allow you to enjoy the game with the degree of reality that is ...
User rating: 70%  (5 votes)   1 comments

Theft Aware by ITAgentsSecurity & Encryption 
Theft Aware is a software that is used to protect your mobile phone against being lost or stolen. If Theft Aware recognizes SIM card change, an SMS will be sent to a configured phone number. The message will contain the new phone number, as well as IMSI (...
User rating: 60%  (6 votes)   1 comments

Sky Force Reloaded by Infinite DreamsGames and Entertainment 
The best UIQ shooter is back again with more levels, more graphics, more music, more ACTION! Have you played the original Sky Force? Loved it? This one will bring even more enjoyment! Incredible graphics, sound quality and pure fun! Features: 8 ...
User rating: 60%  (25 votes)   3 comments

4Elements by PocketTorchGames and Entertainment 
Finally, mankind civilization made Earth out of any mineral resources. Scientists discovered a new energy form based on reaction of four new elements: Sidium, Denium, Ferium and Gerium. A planet found in deep space was the only place where all the element...
User rating: 60%  (12 votes)   1 comments

PINs by SympalSecurity & Encryption 
PINs is a powerful and free tool for storing all your sensitive personal information. PINs features: Encrypted storage Simple interface, easy navigation Multilevel hierarchy Built-in icons Unlimited number of categories and items Quick...
Freeware!    User rating: 60%  (9 votes)   2 comments

Golf Pro Contest 2 by SynergenixGames and Entertainment 
Golf Pro Contest 2 is the world's first mobile golf game to bring near-console graphics to your phone. Advanced 3D creates fairways that flow into the horizon, trees you could almost touch and greens that are deep and rich. But that's not all. With the mu...
User rating: 50%  (11 votes)   1 comments

SmartCut by Smart ProgramsOther 
SmartCut allows you to rapidly calculate the best yield and cost per item from a sheet of material. It can draw a cutting plan and display wasteage. ...
User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   

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