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UIQ 2.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (150)
Games and Entertainment (404)
Multimedia & Graphics (77)
Security & Encryption (33)
Internet (81)
Emulation (20)
Mobile services (4)
Programming, Development (28)
Finance & Business (35)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (18)
Home (4)
PC Programs (18)
Database Management (10)
Learning & Dictionaries (40)
Document Editors/Readers (27)
Food & Drinks (16)
Religion (15)
Diaries & Journals (2)
Health & Medicine (23)
Banking (2)
Anti-Virus (3)
Calculators & Math tools (33)
Localisations (12)
Time (31)
Runtimes (1)
Astronomy (4)
Agenda (11)
UI customization (9)
Car (14)
Professional tools (2)
Software bundles (4)
Contacts Management (12)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Skins (6)
Drivers (2)
Other (4)
Books, Guides (2)
Astrology (2)
Benchmarks (2)

Total: 1215 programs
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Latest Symbian UIQ 2.x software
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InfoTime by Infologic ServicesTime 
Alarm Clock watch with multiple alarms, choice of style faces, adjustable hand sizes, alternative sounds. Support for Touch Screen handsets. All styles include adjustable hand sizes for ease of use. It is not always easy to see the time on mobile p...

a-stop by Andrzej BenekTime 
a-stop is a watch with a countdown and stopwatch function. It shows only the time and date, an ideal task for old mobile phones to replace noisy clocks. ...

a-watch by Andrzej BenekTime 
a-watch is a simple watch. It only shows the time and date, an ideal task for old mobile phones to replace noisy clocks in your bed room. ...


Revival by HeroCraftGames and Entertainment 
Revival is a turn-based military strategy game in the best traditions of the world-famous game title, Civilization. You will have to explore continents, direct battles on land and sea, build towns, develop science and uphold the economy of his empire! ...

TheftNotifier by Kataria InfotechSecurity & Encryption 
Mobile phone theft has been one of the common crimes on the street. With this software, you are adding some security to your mobile phones. TheftNotifier is an innovative lost & found anti-theft software program that sends the thief's contact number, loca...
User rating: 70%  (1 votes)   1 comments

Blackbox by Piotr WiniarczykGames and Entertainment 
The objective of this game is to guess where 'balls' are located in the central panel. The ray is absorbed if it hits the ball centrally. If rays hit neighbour grid, it is reflected perpendicular to its initial direction. ...
Freeware!    User rating: 70%  (1 votes)   

Transmute by Piotr WiniarczykGames and Entertainment 
The objective of the game is to place tiles in all fields. A tile can be placed only if all four surrounding tiles have same colour or value. ...

Projection by Piotr WiniarczykGames and Entertainment 
The object of this game is to guess location of colour fields in the grid. The only information available to player is the relative position of the colour fields in each row and column. The game field has four areas. The most important is the main game gr...

Plus by Piotr WiniarczykGames and Entertainment 
The objective of this game is to clear game field by placing number tiles. A tile will clear all neighbours when the sum of the numbers from neighbours modulo 10 is equal to the placed tile. For example, tile 8 will clear neighbours when the sum will be 8...

Reflex by Piotr WiniarczykGames and Entertainment 
Reflex is a variation of a blackbox. The objective of the Reflex game is to find positions of optical elements on the board. Player is provided with information how many game field grids laser beam has travelled since it has left game field, was absorbed ...

Mobiola Studio by WarelexMultimedia & Graphics 
Take your YouTube clips, movies, favorite music, DVDs with you. Get them to your phone by a single mouse move. Drag and drop YouTube video right from the site to your mobile device. Mobiola Studio is a PC application which plays dual role of r...

Twin Spin Deluxe by FilaoGames and Entertainment 
Pure fun with only one key. Control a pair of spinning balls that travels in a colorful world: you have to hit all the balloons and make them explode to reach the next level. Many obstacles and bonuses lay in your way. Discover a very simple and addictive...


PyUIQ by PyUIQProgramming, Development 
The Python programming language for UIQ 2.1 and UIQ 3 mobile phones based on Python for S60 (PyS60). It's an early, quite limited alpha version. ...
Freeware!    User rating: 70%  (1 votes)   1 comments

Napoleonix by Inscenic StudiosGames and Entertainment 
In the beginning of the 19th century after becoming the emperor Napoleon started to pursue the policy aiming at ensuring French political and economical hegemonye over Europe. During 1799-1815 France was waging war against Austria, Russia, Great Britain a...
User rating: 60%  (1 votes)   

Video Converter for Sony Ericsson Smartphones by Rock Your Mobile!Multimedia & Graphics 
The Video Converter for Sony Ericsson Smartphones lets you convert your favourite videos to mobile video formats preserving the best quality of picture and sound. This high-quality software solution offers smart user interface and supports all popular vid...
User rating: 0%  (1 votes)   1 comments

HanDBase by DDH SoftwareDatabase Management 
Boost Your Productivity. Mobilize your important data with HanDBase! HanDBase is the award-winning handheld computing database application now available for Symbian UIQ Smart phones. Experienced handheld users endorse HanDBase for its powerful relational ...
User rating: 0%  (1 votes)   1 comments

X-plore by Lonely Cat GamesMiscellaneous Utilities 
X-plore is a file manager for Symbian OS phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system. Currently it is in beta version. Features: View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view * Integrated text and image viewer View...
User rating: 60%  (2 votes)   1 comments

Persian virtual keyboard by PHDILocalisations 
With this virtual keyboard you will be able to write in Persian or Farsi and Arabic languages. ...
User rating: 60%  (4 votes)   3 comments

Warring Nations by Inscenic StudiosGames and Entertainment 
Warring Nations is a turn-based strategy game. The first world pack produced for Warring Nations is Medieval Heroes, where the action is set in medieval times. These are times of noble lords, great battles and glorious victories. As one of medieval lords,...
User rating: 60%  (4 votes)   5 comments

Next by MobiglooGames and Entertainment 
Next is a Vexed type addictive puzzle game in which your goal is to move similar blocks together, which causes them to disappear. Once all the blocks are gone, you've solved the level and you're presented with a new level to solve. The game includes 64 le...
User rating: 10%  (1 votes)   1 comments

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