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SymMobile Screen Protector for Sony Ericsson P900

New screen protector for Sony Ericsson P900 is now available from SymMobile. It is cut precisely to fit the P900 screen - it covers the entire display and doesn't leave any unprotected areas. The protector is made of scratch resistant polymer, which provides high durability and easy cleaning.

SymMobile screen protector uses patented non-adhesive surface technology - it clings to the surface ensuring a bubble free display. It can be removed and re-applied when needed.

When attached, the protector is fully transparent and the screen contrast is affected only by a very slight degree. The protector gives the display a semi-matte look, which makes it more legible in direct light. When writing with stylus, the polymer material gives a feeling of writing on a paper rather than on a foil.

Screen protector is a must for devices equipped with fragile touch-sensitive screens. It is especially important to use a screen protector if you carry your P900 phone with phone keypad removed. It not only protects the screen from scratching by stylus but also from damaging it when keeping the phone in your pocket or even in a leather case.

The SymMobile screen protector is of very high quality. It covers the entire screen and sticks to it with ease without any bubbles. It is easy to apply and reuse and remains almost invisible when applied. It gets our recommendation.

The protector can be purchased here:

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