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SnapNType Wireless Infrared keyboard

Mobile Link Technology's SnapNType Infrared keyboard is now Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 compatible. Besides that, the keyboard also supports Palm OS, Pocket PC and MS Smartphone devices, which makes it especially useful if you have several phones/PDAs based on different operating systems.

The keyboard is packed in a plastic box that contains the keyboard, phone/PDA stand with adjustable IR reflector, CD with drivers for Palm and PocketPC devices and a floppy disk with Symbian OS UIQ driver/application.

The phone stand can be attached to the closed keyboard which makes it very convenient to carry it in one piece. You just put it on top of either side of the keyboard.

The stand is equipped with a reflector located on a plastic part that can be rotated 180 degrees to match almost any location of the IR port. One can also adjust the angle of the mirror itself - both horizontally and vertically. Such a wide adjustment range allows using the keyboard with many different devices and also locate the keyboard in various positions.

The keyboard can be opened using a small switch on its side. There is a small plastic pin that cuts off the battery when the keyboard is closed so that you don't loose power when the device is not in use.

The following picture shows the keyboard in open state. All keys are plastic and very stable. They work very well and their resistance is well balanced. Their size is also very good. There are no problems with hitting two or more keys at the same time or getting multiple characters from one key press (repeat rate and delay can be adjusted via software).

The product looks very solid and works without problems. The keyboard is powered with one AAA size battery. The outer case is made of aluminium which makes it durable and good looking. The detachable stand is a good idea because you don't have to carry two separate parts and you won't forget to take it with the keyboard.

On the P800/P900 side, there is a small application that provides communication with the keyboard. It consists of two buttons (enable/disable), two settings for repeat and delay and a test field to check if the keybard is working and located within the range of the reflector.

The application stays in background so that you can switch to any other application and use the keyboard to enter text and navigate menus. On the left side of the keyboard there are four function keys that are assigned to the following navigation functions:
  • Calendar button - Flip Open mode
  • Contacts button - Flip Close mode
  • Tasks button - emulates the Browser button
  • Memo button - CommuniCam button

Besides that, there are several other functions available with the "Fn" key:
  • Fn + Calender - Jog Dial Up
  • Fn + Contacts - Jog Dial Down
  • Fn + Tasks - Jog Dial Away
  • Fn + Memo - Jog Dial Towards
  • Fn + Enter - Jog Dial Select
  • Fn + Alt - Jog Dial Select
  • Fn + \ - Escape function
  • Fn + Del - Escape function
  • Fn + = - Toggle the backlight
  • Fn + BackSpace - On / Off Switch
  • Fn + left - Home
  • Fn + right - End
  • Fn + left space - left tab page
  • Fn + right space - right tab page
  • Cmd key - Toggle menu buttons

The keyboard can be purchased from Mobile Link Techology on-line shop.

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