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Nokia CX and MX prototypes

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PostPosted: Sunday, 01.May.2016 15:09    Post subject: Nokia CX and MX prototypes   Reply with quote   

I just looked through one of my old mobile magazines from 2003 and came across the Nokia "MyOrigo" among its upcoming device pages and the Nokia MX Hildon project came to my mind.

Is the MyOrigo the same device as the Nokia MX prototype? popup=1 ontrolled-smartphone/

I think the design still works well; it is a pretty good looking device and it reminds me a bit of the P800. It is also interesting to notice that Nokia showed renderings of touchscreen 3G/UMTS devices back in 1999 as their vision and I assume the CX/MX/MyOrigo were developed based on those ideas.

It would be interesting to get a confirmation from Michal who has seen the CX/MX in person if this MyOrigo is the same device. I think the project is very interesting and feel that a revival of the CX Communicator idea, i.e. a touchscreen full touch device with a big landscape keyboard and optimized UI would be a great addition to the market since it is an underserved segment.

It had been interesting if those prototypes still remain in working order - the CX Communicator could be an excellent source for inspiration. I have a feeling that a device with a similar concept could build up a pretty strong nische. Not a "best seller" but a profitable product for the right company.

I also found some of those vision 3G devices of Nokia that showed up around 1999-2001 when the future was showcased:
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PostPosted: Monday, 02.May.2016 18:20    Post subject:   Reply with quote   

MyOrigo founders were former Nokia (Oulu) employees, but their phone prototype(s) were not based on Nokia hardware or software.
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Michal Jerz

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PostPosted: Wednesday, 04.May.2016 02:43    Post subject:   Reply with quote   

What I was shown in March 2003 by a Nokia employee (we met at a Microsoft Mobius group meeting in Paris) pretty much resembled the device shown on those pictures. It was secret at that time, I was shown it as strictly confidential. What he showed me was a documentation with drawings/sketches which looked quite similar to the device shown on those pictures - I especially remember that oval shape. He explicitly mentioned MX and CX names. At least one of them was a clamshell device like the Communicator (or actually maybe more like Psion Revo as it was going to be larger but thinner). It's been 13 years since then now so I don't remember much details anymore, but I do remember that the sketches really looked similar. He also explicitly mentioned Hildon and a large hi-res touch screen, at least in one of them (the MX iirc).

I have no idea what kind of relation there was (if any) between those MX/CX projects and MyOrigo. Maybe its look was inspired by one of them.

It was the first and the last time I've ever heard about those devices. A year later they came up with the 7700 (and then 7710) instead, and then they killed Hildon on Symbian completely, which was probably their biggest mistake...
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